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Off-Page SEO Techniques 2019 to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Usually search engine optimization (search engine optimization) is divided into two large elements SEO on the site and SEO on the site. If you work in the search engine optimization industry or have a website or a website, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘off-page SEO’ countless times.

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In order to be able to position our website or site on a search engine page, once we have worked on the page a little, but this affects the position of the page in search engine results, these functions are called off-page positioning.

Off-page SEO can be divided into several elements, such as building links, activities in social networks, reaching emails, branding, influencing ads, blogging guests, reaching bloggers etc.


Off-page SEO is a sign that Google can know how much our website or website is improving, what people are considering our website or website etc. Therefore, it is important to rank in search engine search results.

Importance of Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a powerful rank variable that informs Google about your site or blog, about credibility.


As with any time a site or site connects to another applicable or authorized site or site, or if it references social media or social actions, its ability and credibility are increased.

Benefits of Off-Page SEO

A site or blog that uses a larger reference link (backlinks) ranks higher in search engine results.


Reference link (backlink) from the site’s jurisdiction or site help to increase domain authority (DA), page capacity (PA), trust trust (TF).

A large number of social actions or help cited to increase exposure. This helps to get a higher position and more visitors. It also has other important factors in Google ranking.


There are many advantages of off-page search engine optimization that help improve your position on SERP.

Here I will tell you some ideal off-site SEO methods that will allow you to get huge traffic and rated higher in search results.


1. Blog Commenting

Have comments on the blogs that apply, even if you can’t get backlinks. However, in case you can get backlinks, this is really excellent. Because Google gives priority to this type of traffic from your relevant site. To do this, read the entire article carefully and then make a typical comment about the report. As if the page moderator was forced to accept your comment. Don’t add your attention in a few words.


It is possible to leave the URL in a specific field of the site, then it is better. However, in case you can’t do it, at least try and leave your URL in mind.

If you can write an intriguing comment, people will be able to stop directly on your site. In most cases, you’ll also receive return links.


2. Guest Post

Dedicate to another site with the guest article. This will provide back links to the authorities. Because publishing guests is currently the preferred link back technique. And if you are able to write something very good, intriguing people must come to your blog or website. Which will provide you with the number of visitors to your site or website.


When you look at Neil Patel, Brian Dean and Rand Fishkin, they are the hottest people in the search engine optimization industry. They regularly compose on other pages. Those that do not provide a link back to these pages give a large number of visitors and brands.

3. Forum Submissions

Posting on the forum is an evergreen way to consolidate SEO. You can easily meet people who are also interested in your topics.


So start replying and posting, but don’t do anything spammy. Because routine activity can enable you to develop movement. Here are some of the best free forum sites that will help you to create quality links.

4. Video Creation & Marketing

According to Alexa’s report, YouTube is the second most-visited website after Google. When many people watch YouTube videos, you don’t use it. The top 100 video sharing sites are famous in the world and have 99% audience who use video platforms.


Therefore, create a video according to the content, service or website and upload it to YouTube. And of course, enter your connection in the movie with the description field cover. If it is possible to produce a useful, informative or interesting video, your video must attract visitors to your site via a link.

As a result, you can get traffic from the world’s largest video platform. But if you want to find this advantage in a huge sum, you must stay busy with this particular platform and you should load the movie in the normal way. If you do this, make sure you embed the video on your own text material. Because it really helps you hunt down your engine ranking.


5. Build a Relationship

Build a connection with people from the same company. This is not a simple and brief method, but if you can do it, you can profit from it. Stay in touch with influential people from your company, list them in your articles, create them gradually, but effectively. As if your actions forced them to discuss their own articles and website.


6. PPT Submission

Every day, many people visit the PPT slide sharing site. That’s why it’s easy to reach them if you’re working correctly. Create a PPT slide in a subject or support and enter your URL on the best page of the PPT slide.


When discussing a PPT slide, provide an effective description of the PPT slide and don’t forget to provide your URL. Because of many sites, you’ll also have the option of having backlinks. You have many favorite PPT sharing sites, such as Slide Share, Authorstream, Issuu, Scribd, Slide Boom, Slide Serve, Edocr, Calameo, Speaker Deck etc.

7. PDF Sharing

The reason and benefits of sharing PDF files will be exactly the same as for PPT slide sharing. You’ll discover that many PDFs create a million views. Therefore, it is possible to easily create a new recognition and attract visitors to your site.


Create a PDF file on your own content, website or website, in addition, enter your URL on the top of the PDF file and share it on websites with PDF files. Just like PPT slide sharing, it provides an effective description with your URL.

8. PR Submission

You can easily get attention by publishing a press release on your site, website and support, or on something fresh. Let your multimedia publications attract them to your website. In addition, you can get backlinks to your site from most sites.


9. Question & Answering

That’s right, you’ve discovered the ideal; you must be a specialist in the topic of pages with responses to queries. There are many sites that respond to queries, such as Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc.

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